Charity Was Replaced As Service

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Yinqi Liu
Joy Ellison
CSS 201
Apr 19, 2015
Response Paper #2
When I was a little girl and I heard about charity, I would think It is rich people give money to the poor and in the way to help the people need to maintain their lives. Now I am an adult and I am not rich. But I will try to help people by delivering service to them or give away some money when they need. I wound see myself and agree what Addams, Day, and Dewey mentioned in the reading that the language of charity was replaced as service. Although there are “charity” going around the world ran by rich peoples. I think “service” is more appropriate word for normal people to help the community or other places.
Among all kinds of volunteers I did before and the one I did for A just Harvest. I did mostly service people than give money to people. For instance, This weekend, I signed up the “Tag Day” for A Just Harvest. So, what I do is to go on the street and tell people about what the organization is and maybe they will donate some money to help this organization run smoothly. When I met different people and sometimes they will donate. For some people, they told me that they also do volunteer at this organization. So I think even though charity sometimes is money-related, in modern days more and more people joined to service people in order to contribute to the community.
For the views on lynching, Adam and Wells both deferred and against the actions of lynching. While they have different opinions towards it because of their different social background and experience. They are colleague and Adam is a “white” woman who view lynching as a cruel and inhuman action. So she published her view in public