Thought Paper 1

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Thought Paper #1: Due September 24 (7 points)
For this thought paper you will learn more about a topic covered in the textbook. First, review chapters 1-5. Find a topic that is of interest to you and that you would like to learn more about. After reading the section in the textbook, find an empirical article (using PsycINFO), published in a peer reviewed psychological journal, about this topic. Print out the article (it needs to be turned in with your thought paper). Next, write a brief paper (no more than 2 pages, not including references) that addresses the following points:
Describe the topic, in your own words, in one to two sentences (remember to cite the textbook in APA format).
Briefly describe one research source or piece of research evidence presented in your textbook about this topic (again – remember your citations).
Next, integrate the journal article with the material presented in the textbook.
What is the article about? Provide a brief description (no more than a paragraph) of the article in your own words (remember to cite the article in APA format).
What was the research question?
What did the researcher(s) find?
How does this article/study relate to the topic?
Elaborate on the importance of the study. What are at least 2 positive and 2 negative things about the article/study and how it was conducted? Expand on why this study is notable and why it was published.
Please remember to write a cohesive, thoughtful paper