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Responsible Consumption of The Environment
The impact that television commercials give the consumers about the environment can often be misinforming. The “whole picture” is in three minutes commercial is not often seen by the public. We see picture of the destruction of the environment and what is causing it and how the consumer can be responsible for this. These commercials giving the public images of the oceans, streets, playgrounds and more with littered trash, chemicals and dead ocean life make an impact on the minds of the public. We are informed on what our responsibilities are to improve the environment and the importance of acting quickly to make these improvements. Television does not always give us all the information we need to be well informed consumers. For instance, television commercials promote products to helping the environment such as biodegradable trash bags. What is not being seen or heard by the consumers is these plastic bags cannot biodegrade when buried at the dump sites. Another example on the media impact of the environment with the consumer is carbon emissions. Research has shown that air pollutants from fossil fuel creating clouds which rises into our atmosphere is blocking the sun rays. This effect is known as global dimming which causes less heat and energy to reach the earth. Global dimming has caused drought in many locations around the world. The responsible consumption of popular culture concerning the environment has an important impact on the future generations. With advertising, education, media, internet and other sources consumers can be more informed an more responsible about the environment. Issues concerning animals and nature conservation are becoming a main concern. Preserving species and plant life are making conservation efforts a struggle. The destruction of the habitat for logging industry, illegal hunting and pollutants are destroying our ecosystems. All the while natural disasters are making it harder to recover. Our focus to save the environment , t6o grow in a positive way, using all ideals to send the message with the popular culture tactics on saving the environment. Consumers conflict arises when the message are received about how to save the environment but ignored because of the desires individuals have to make their lives easier. Humans