Restaurant and Takeaway Market Essay

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Executive Summary * The information of British dietary habits and popular takeaway food are found through desk research by reading books and articles.

* Next is the primary research which contains the diagrams and summarizing the information been collected from questionnaires collected, distributed and designed by the authors. On the other hand, it includes the details and general conclusion of interviews to relevant clients and operators as well.

* Different methodology is used in report which including searched related resources online and found related book in library in desk research. Secondly, primary research which have three parts, one is field visited on 24th of October get general information about The interesting eating company and another is required for filling questionnaire on the Allerton Road on November 7th , around city center of Liverpool on 10th, 11th of November and around school on 14th of November. Besides those methods, authors also took an interview for a takeaway store on 15th on oxford road

* In order to help company develop takeaway market effectively, there are some main recommendations as follows: firstly, to promote products through online and packages. Furthermore, expand their drinks/ coffee market via 24 hours coffees machine. Finally, operating branch shop in work place and school area.

Content of pages 1. Acknowledgement-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3 2. List of table---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3 3. Introduction---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4

4. Methodology--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4

5. Desk Research ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5 6. Primary Research --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7 7.1 Questionnaire-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8 7.2 Interview------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------12

7. Conclusions and Recommendations-------------------------------------------------------------------------13

8. References List----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15

9. Appendices--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------16 10.3 Appendix 1 The Percentage of Takeaway Food in UK Market 2011----------------------------16 10.4 Appendix 2 Company Menu 10.5 Appendix 3 Questionnaire--------------------------------------------------------------------------------17 10.6 Appendix 4 Interview Notes-----------------------------------------------------------------------------18

1. Acknowledgements
Firstly, thanks to the business owners who introduce the information of background about the company and eatery staffs who give a hand in the field visit. Secondly, the tutor has helped with developing the research. Thirdly, library staffs, students and citizens all have made contribution to filling the questionnaires, and the operators who has been interviewed as well.

2. List of table

Diagram 1.Occupation of Respondents---------------------------------------------------------------------------8

Diagram 2. Frequency of the Respondents Go To an Eatery/Coffee Shop---------------------------------9

Diagram 3. People's Attitude About Eat In or Takeaway-------------------------------------------------------9

Diagram 4. Time Preference about Take Away of the Respondents ---------------------------------------10

Diagram 5.