Research Argument Essay

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Elizabeth Jeziorny
Prof. Donohue
14 June, 2012
Final/Revised Researched Argument Essay

(thesis) The media is a culture force that can not be avoided and gives us information on a vast variety of topics. It influences what we think, the way we act and helps us choose our purchases. The media not only provides us with the information, but it decides which information is important. What we see on television and the internet or what we hear on the radio is all chosen by the media. Media gives us the data that forms our opinions. It has taken away a lot of our individual qualities and so that we are much like sheep trying to imitate the media suggestions and losing our individuality and creativity. Advertising is a conspicuous
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Information found about people involved with this negative side of social media showed that they seemed more depressed and spent less and less time associating with others face to face. The mass media has actually served to contribute to the social problems. Terry O’Reilly is the award-winning co-founder along with Mike Tennant of Pirate Radio and Television and has a big following with their show “Age of Persuasion” based on the. best seller. It is amazing the explanations he offers as to how Media sources infiltrate our minds without our realization.
He is a very experienced writer with 680 publications. “The ad men behind CBC Radio’s The Age of Persuasion combine lively social history and years of industry experience to show how the art of persuasion shapes our culture.” This quote shows how his book amuses you from the time of billboards and radio to the present day hold of ads that surround us constantly. Media offers us information that we take to be factual when actually what it is, is what they want us to know and believe as facts. What is portrayed is usually one-sided without any explanations of the other side and issues as we see in many news articles or specific web pages. The facts and actual research studies on the power and effect that the media has in relation to us show how the majority of us is affected. A very reliable research source, shows the opposite view of media