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Ramon Matos
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The Atlantic revolutions brought many changes to & greatly affected the regions in which these revolutions occurred. These changes varied from economic, social, and political. Two of the eight revolutions occurring around the world were the French and Haitian revolution, both greatly impacted the regions they took place in. French economy was in a downward spiral as money was being spent irresponsibly and most farms harvest have gone bad. Doing all the spending was the upper class and monarchy of France, best known for her reckless spending was the queen of France Marie Antoinette who spent money on luxury goods. All the reckless spending from the upper class made the economy weak and upset the lower class as they made little money. On the other hand Haiti’s economy was thriving. Haiti was regarded as the richest colony in the world. This was due to the more than 8,000 plantations located on the island, which at that time produced most of the world’s sugar & coffee, this enabled them to set up trade which brought in the mass amounts of money. Most social changes in both France & Haiti did not show up until the end of their revolution. Although this occurred in the beginning of the revolution, In France the kings request to taxes the upper class, most upper classmen joined with peasants to push for natural rights such as liberty, property, security, and resistance to oppression. In Haiti the issue was inequality, everyone was unequal…