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Rhetorical Analysis Rough Draft
DeVry University, English 112
May 13, 2013

Rhetorical Analysis Rough Draft Who wouldn’t want security when using travelers’ checks? In the busy daily lives of those who travel frequently, there is a list of things to worry about: theft, fraud, and the concern that some establishments may not even accept your check. American Express offers protection from these things in their 1950’s ad in the American titled “American Express Checks” demonstrating the acceptability and security of the travelers’ checks (American Express, 1951). The ad begins with a simple cartoon of an important diplomat attempting to rent a room at a hotel, in which the man at the counter refuses the business because the hotel only accepts American Express. From there the ad launches into a description of the checks: what they do, and what the benefits of using them are. The description is simple and straightforward, making the advertisement easy to read and digest. An analysis of this ad reveals three important selling points appealing to logic, company/product credibility, and emotional appeal. From a logical standpoint, the American Express ad is very affective. With the line, “Cashing checks is always easy with American Express travelers’ checks” (American Express, 1951), one gets a sense that the product is simple to use. The advertisement boasts that this ease comes from the fact that American Express is the most widely accepted product of its type on the market. Beyond this, safety and security are also present for those who may be afraid of loss or theft of their checks. While the security and wide spread acceptability of American Express makes it a logical choice, it also speaks of its credibility. The company says that they stand by their product. That these travelers’ checks are widely accepted means that the product is also widely trusted to deliver the money represented by the checks. The offer of immediate refund upon loss or theft also gives an individual the impression that American Express stands by their product and cares about their customers. Behind the logic and credibility of these travelers’ checks is also a level of emotional appeal. The ads humorous cartoon strip makes it memorable enough to the reader that the message will stick with them