Essay about Rise of Disciplinary Problems

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The rise of disciplinary problems among students in SMK Jalan Bunga

To : The Principal of SMK Jalan Bunga, Sg. Panjang

From : Mohd Badrul Akram bin Sazali (Head Prefect)

Subject : Rise of Disciplinary problems

Date : 12 October 2012

Recently, there has been a drastic rise in disciplinary cases among the students of SMK Jalan Bunga, Sg. Panjang. It has caught the attention of many teachers and myself as the Head Prefect of this school. We do not want this scenario to continuously ruin the good reputation of this school. A survey and interviews have been carried out to investigate the core reasons towards this alarming issue. It has been identified that there are many causes that have led to this serious problem.
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Firstly, parents should spend more time with their children. They must spend quality time with their children no matter how busy or tiring their work is. This is because teenagers want their parents attention and they are still not matured enough to make rightful decisions on their own. Therefore, parents must always monitor their children and make sure they make friends with good people and do not get involved in unhealthy activities.

Furthermore, stress on moral values should be implemented by carrying out campaigns, programmes and talks. There must be a certain squad that can handle all these programmes. Besides, motivational talks must also be conducted to instill awareness on students on the importance of always practicing a highly respected behavior. The speakers must motivate the students to change their perception of ‘bad is good’ towards ‘bad is evil’ and ‘good is awesome’.

Other than that, counseling sessions should be given to all the students who have carried out wrongdoings to make them realize the consequences of their immoral behavior and its impact towards their future. In addition, I would like to suggest the enforcement of school rules and school punishment. This is to frighten the students so that they will not even think about doing anything