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Risk Assessments

To whom it may concern,
My name is Chloe Walker, I am writing on my own behalf to ask you if it is ok that I attend your residential care home on the evening of your Christmas dinner to carry out a risk assessment. I am a student and currently studying Health and Social Care and a risk assessment is one of my big tasks. I would like to attend your residential care home as it is local and beneficial to my assignment and I know that your care home allows some of the pensioners to help out with the dinner, so it would be greatly appreciated if you where to accept me in on that evening. It would be great if you could get back to me by calling this number 02890619837.
Many Thanks, Chloe.

Identified hazard
Calculate the Risk
Food poisoning from uncooked turkey
Risk- High
This situation can be controlled by having Food hygiene training. The care home should have constant kitchen Supervision to ensure hands are washed at all critical times, and all surfaces are disinfected after exposure to raw turkey and other meats.
The care home should have Staff in the kitchen throughout the meal being cooked but they should only step in if unsafe practice occurs or they notice that the kitchen staff has forgot to clean an area.
Pensioners Burning themselves from food
Risk- Low
The kitchen staff need to follow all health and safety procedures especially if pensioners are helping them out in the kitchen, they need to ensure all staff members and helpers are aware of all possible hazards. They also need to make sure that the food it at a suitable temperature for everyone when it comes to serving the food.
The workers could get their own sample of the food before it’s served and could make the kitchen staff aware if the food is extremely hot.
Individuals Hurting themselves when putting up decorations for the Christmas dinner.
Risk - High
The care home should have the members