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RitS Essay

A Raisin in the Sun By Lorraine Hansberry

“Lord, if this little old plant don’t get more sun than it’s been getting it ain’t never going to see spring again.” 40. In this story there are some major symbols like Mama’s plant, the new house and garden, and the insurance check. These all are huge parts of the story and in order to understand the story at its fullest knowing what these symbols mean is essential.
Into the beginning of the book they receive the check this is a big excitement for the family. ¨Travis bursts back into the room. He holds the envelope high above his head, like a little dancer, his face is radiant and he is breathless. pg. 68.¨ This shows that not only does this check bring happiness to Travis but the whole family as well. This check is the symbol of hope, new start, and a chance for this family to get out of the apartment. Throughout this whole book everyone is depressed and struggling ,but this check is the only thing that keeps their head above water and keeps them motivated.
Towards the end of the story they buy a house and Walter is supposed to put some into the bank and some into a liquor store. Walter spends all of it on the liquor store and loses the money to a thief. Everyone in the family is really angry because Walter just wasted a lot of money. After awhile they calm down and realize that the house they just

now bought they should be grateful for and will be enough. So by reading this you can see how big of an impact this check has on the family and just what it symbolizes. The plant is a huge and very important symbol in this book. ¨Mama, who is the last to leave, looks for a moment at the empty apartment. Then she leaves, bringing her plant with her.¨ 151. The plant is another huge symbol all the way throughout the book. The plant is the family as a whole. The plant is the family and the plant is slowly dieing and deterationing. The plant represents the family striving for their dreams and goals. But through time the plant slowly dies. Later into the story they run into financial problems that could represent water for