Roadhouse: A Short Story

Words: 1730
Pages: 7

This is an account of what is happening on Friday the 6th of November, 2015. I have taken notes, and then revising it as it changes.

I arrived at the Roadhouse, and went into the bar and spoke to the manager and one other staff member, and explained my plan, and to receive confirmation that my state of undress and nudity will be acceptable. He said that if they're coming here to spend money on food and drinks because of me, then that's no problem at all.

The pub section was quiet, so I was able to sit in one of the comfortable lounge chairs, which is what I was hoping for. I felt an immense tingling sensation in anticipation as I waited for Darren and his two mates to arrive. I was looking at an empty table close-by, and I hoped they would
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I rolled my pantyhose in a ball, and put them in the plastic bag with my c-string, and then inside my backpack.

As I was still talking to Nicole, I opened my brand-new stockings and pulled them out. I lifted my right foot and slowly put the stocking on. My exposed pussy was visible from where they were sitting and I could feel their eyes on me. I stood-up and pulled the right stocking up my leg to my upper thigh, and sat back down again.

I lifted my left foot, and slightly spread my right leg so my pussy was visible momentarily as I put that stocking on. I then stood-up again and pulled it to my upper thigh. I could still feel their eyes staring at me, but continued to pretend not to notice them, and just kept talking to Nicole as I was changing my clothing.

I sat down again with my legs together and feet on the floor for a few minutes. I grabbed my right shoe, and lifted my right foot and slightly spread my left leg to expose my pussy as I put the shoe on. I then did the same with my left shoe. My pussy was clearly visible from where they were sitting, and that aroused me
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I then went to the dunny. When I was in there, I adjusted my robe so that my left boob and pussy were slightly exposed as I walked back to my chair. I stood in front of the chair, but not directly facing them, and I briefly undid the belt fully so I could close the robe completely, and tied it again.

I sat back down again in my chair with my feet on the low table in front of me, and slightly apart in their direction again. My pussy slit was subtly exposed as it was earlier as I tried to think of what I could do next. I was enjoying teasing and putting on a show. I didn't want to be approached yet, so I secretly sent a text to Darren to stay there and keep watching until I say to come over.

Shortly after, Darren sent a text message saying that his mates still have no idea that we've met. He suggested I take off my robe if it's possible. I knew it was possible because it still wasn't too busy to make a large scene, and nobody else could see from where I was sitting anyway, but I just didn't know how to go about