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Sam Neighbours
Military Robots The United States has the largest military in the world by a large margin but we could see in the coming years a decrease in men and woman serving. The Us army is looking to decrease the number of 540,000 people to 420,000 by 2019. The reason for this sudden and rapid decrease in people is because the military wants to start using robots to take the place of the men and woman serving so there will be less causalities and less man power out on the lines . The rise in robots in the military will create a safer way to do dangerous jobs the men and woman would have to do like disarming bombs or flying in an enemy militarize zones. The point of this is to become more efficient with missions and to have more people conducting the missions back on safer soil. I find this really interesting because not only would missions and safety be in from computer programming but also less men and woman will be put in dangerous and fatal situations. This will change the future because it is safer and it’s starting to look like we are heading into a military with operators at home controlling the soldiers overseas. I don’t think this strategy will become outdated because it keeps people serving in the army safe and less have to die which is always a good thing. This relates to informatics and computer science because the computer programming for these robot soldiers will have to be precise and exact for missions to be carried out without