Rocky Soccer Academy Essay

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Case Study: #3 Rocky Soccer Academy Case Assessment Worksheet
Using Case Study #3, Complete the Worksheet Provided. Use this document as your format. Answer each section within the document retaining the questions to indicate your sections.
I. Evaluate Henning’s options for growing Rocky’s customer base, including:
A. What are Henning’s objectives? What resources does he have?
Henning’s first objective is to have a larger facility built more suited for soccer training. The awareness for his program is close to 100 percent in Fort Collins but limited in surrounding cities. His second objective is to increase awareness of his program in surrounding cities. His third objective is to gain more customers in surrounding areas and try to
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The con would be Henning having to increase his staff to manage new customers. The fourth option is to serve more kids from Loveland, Longmont, and Greeley. The pro in option four is those cities are closer to Fort Collins and the populations combined number 140,000. There are some competitive soccer teams and very little soccer training, which means there is a need for soccer training. The cons would be the 25 mile distance from Fort Collins and the possibility that the population is not as passionate about soccer.
D. Rank the options from strongest to weakest and explain why.
Option 4 is to serve more kids from Loveland, Longmont, and Greeley. It is the strongest because Henning is already serving a few kids from those areas. The population combined is higher than Fort Collins. Soccer training is limited in the area. He would have more opportunities to advertise his business at soccer events in the local area.
Option 2 is to develop a marketing strategy that would encourage his current customers to buy more. It is the second most attractive in that he already has a strong customer base. Product development in this area could retain customers and attract new customers.
Option 1 is to retain kids that reach the age of 14 or 15 years. It is a weaker option because it focuses too much on the older kids and Henning will have to compete with other sports. To keep the older kids interested in soccer would