Roe vs Wade Essay

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ROE v. WADE (Legalizing Abortions)

One of the noted and controversial cases in the U.S Supreme Court history was that of Roe v. Wade. In the case of Roe v. Wade the final ruling made it legal for women and their doctor to choose the option of abortions without restrictions in earlier months and with restrictions in later months. Many people fear that abortions are just the beginning to the end of the human race that will be self-inflicted. While other feels that the option for abortion is the correct way of fixing a problem for someone who is not ready for the role in parenthood. So that leaves this topic open for many heated debates. So the question remain are you with or against the legalization of abortions. In 1972 Justice Harry Blackmun was giving the case on abortion. He was not quite sure on why the case was given to him. He thought that it could have been his background in medical law or the face that his daughter became pregnant and dropped out of college to marry her baby father only the have a miscarriage and divorce. Some believed that the events his family went through could work in the favor of making abortion legal while other believed that his decision could be made by the mishaps of his daughters. In 1973 the case known as Roe v. Wade had its final ruling. The final ruling was that it was now legal for a woman or her doctor to choose abortion in early month without restriction and with some restriction in later month. In the state of Texas they argue that a fetus is a person. If it is true that a fetus is a person they should have a right to life just like the rest of us. After reading countless debates and publication on both sides of the of the abortion topic many people are siding with the anti-abortion/ prolife end of the ruling. They choose this because they feel that the choice to abort a life is inhumane. Most of the people who feel this way believe that the fetus feels the same pain as people who walk and breath. Other people feels that it is okay because the fetus never took its first breath on seen the light of day it is not considered a life. One would think something with a growing heart and