Role Of ICT In Education

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even in its infancy to start, though the Khwaja model school started with some of it, not completely.

• Availability of Funds to Implement ICTs- The crisis of budgetary and resource constraints of various Governments, a widespread investment in ICTs in education is not easily possible. It was the lack of realization of the importance of technology that has not made investment in the government school and the APS. Though Sophia School too need more of innovation in terms of access of materials other than the curriculum to compete at the national level. Yet it had sufficient funds to channelize. It is important to better understand the cost-benefit use of the wide range of ICT options in order to effectively target-spend the scarce resources.
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There is a lack of good monitoring and evaluation tools and processes which can monitor things timely and where evaluation data is available of much of the work. The things visibly noticed after visiting the first two schools was that nobody is interested to take the move ahead of changing the situation. As resistance is commonly witnessed while attempting to introduce ICTs in most of the schools, very often from the teachers, since they will become overburdened once technology comes in or due the perception that it is too late for them to adapt to a new environment. There is also a general lack of awareness about the utility of ICTs in education, as well as about the ICTs at our disposal and how they can be accessed and utilized economically and effectively. This lack of awareness and knowledge about ICTs and their use in education, even on the part of policy makers, administrators and educators, makes it particularly difficult to deploy ICTs in the field of school …show more content…
Books can only accommodate a certain amount of information, technology is a world in itself, you just browse a single term, and the whole theory of that term appears through internet. The knowledge in books are things what happened in the past that too in a limited way, through internet and communication technology it can be shown of what happening in that subject currently. It’s high to revolutionize ourselves, our students, our administrators, and policymakers throughout the country to make the best use of the technology tools available.
• The government can establish autonomous agencies in every state, similar to that of the National Skill Development Corporation, to encourage innovation and develop the environment for digital learning solutions. The autonomous agency can further be staffed with talent from the private sector and fund and private operators to create these