Roles Of Race And Ethnicity In Today's Society

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The roles that race and ethnicity have played an important part of everyday life for many of years. Society has only really focus on one group in general for many of years. In the United States the race and ethnicity has been an issue since the colonies days. This gave the White American's all the legal and social rights. Native Americans and African American were treated different. Over the years other race and ethnical groups have been given their rights. In today's society it still an issue because people still want to put people into groups based on their race and/or ethnicity. For example; study shows that people feel that African American people have more criminal backgrounds. Therefore, most people think the all African American people are but there are more criminal in all different races and/or ethnicity groups. …show more content…
Some other things that everyday roles in race and ethnicity play are depending on your skin color, ethnic background, where you grew up, what kind of people one has encountered, that person will have their own experience and idea of what race and ethnicity mean. People that suffer from race and ethnicity may have been called a name, been given a look, or treated differently than peers of a different race or