Rolling with the Punches Essay

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Rolling With The Punches Change is something everyone has to deal with whether we like them or not. Whether it is a big noticeable one, or a smaller one everything and everyone changes. I am a strong believer in people bettering themselves and to look for the best in everyone but ever have someone that you just wish they might do a few things differently? Wish that maybe they would say things in a different way? Well, sometimes we have hopes for things like that to happen and it does not, but other times it does. You may go from being a pushover to being able to stand up for yourself. From the bully to the buddy. It is crazy how much time can change things without even noticing it. Everyday things are constantly changing, and you have to find a way to “roll with the punches”, so to speak, and do what you need done. After I got my license, I had so many friends. I always had people wanting to hang out and do stuff and I was so happy because I had so many “friends” to do stuff with. After a while they always wanted to go somewhere and do something different than I did, but that was okay. Then all of a sudden, they were telling me what we were doing, not asking. It is hard to look back and think that a lot of the people I used to hang out with used me for their benefit and really weren’t that interested in being my friend, but what I could offer them. After people use you for a while, you are everybody’s personal chauffer, and they think they can boss you around, you change or you continue doing what everyone else wants you to and you will continue to be used. I stopped talking to and hanging out with those people. I changed how I looked at people and how I looked at my relationships with them and I wasn’t faced with being used like I was before. I started talking to less people, started worrying more about school and