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The Roman Army

‘A Roman soldier always has to be ready to fight....’
In the back of your books explain how can we make sure a Roman soldier is ready for battles?

Why become a Roman
You could earn a good reliable wage Uniform, weapons and equipment all provided
You would fit, strong and brave – impress all the

If you were brave, you were rewarded with a crown! While you are in the Army part of your wages were saved so you could retire in comfort
You could earn extra money from robbing those you defeated Two types of Roman soldiers Legionaries had to be a Roman citizen had to be physically fit and 1.6m tall stayed in the army for 25 years

These were not
Citizens of Rome second class soldiers paid less and not trained as well
After 25 years- they became Citizens

Organisation of the Roman army

• Each legion consisted of 6,000 men. They were divided into 10 cohorts. Cohort
• Each cohort had 480 men
• Was divided into six centuries.
• Each century had 80 men
• Each century was commanded by a centurion.

Legion made up of 6000 men

Divided in to 10 cohorts

One cohort was made up of six centuries

Each century had 80 men






Draw a diagram or write a rap to remember the organisation of the Roman army What do you think you would need to be a Roman Soldier?

You must be 1.6m tall
You must be physically fit
You had to be a Roman citizen
You had to stay in the Army 25

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