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Religion and philosophy have helped shape cultures and people throughout history. Rome and China are two of the most prominent examples of how religion and philosophy can help develop an entire empire. Religion and philosophy helped Rome and China form better political and societal structures, and it helped Rome's people behave due to the moral obligations that came with Christianity's Ten Commandments. Qin China's emperor, Shi Huangdi, suppressed Confucianism and Daoism in favor of Legalism, which helped people stay in order (much like Hammurabi's Code). Shi Huangdi would later pass away, and the Han Dynasty would soon take over China after his death. When the Han Dynasty replaced the Qin rule, Confucianism would become a major ideology in China. The Han Dynasty did benefit from Confucianism. Because of it, the Han Dynasty improved and established the system of ruling the land by morals and ethics, something that the Qin Dynasty had overlooked. The establishment of a Confucian state had helped Han Wudi rule for 54 years, making him one of the longest rulers in China’s history. Also, before Confucianism, people were given positions whether or not they were competent enough to do the job. But now, written exams are given to determine the best one for the job and emperors chose people based on their merits and whether they believe that these people indeed are best suited for the position. In Rome, mythology was the dominant religion, but Christianity later took it's place under the rule of Emperor Constantine and became the official religion of the Roman Empire. Christianity helped Rome have a greater emphasis on law codes and the legal system because of the moral responsibilities that came with being Christian. Religion and philosophy helped China form a better structure for its society because Confucianism identified the principles that were necessary for social order. China emphasized the emperor's divine majesty and people felt more compelled to have good morals because people in China practiced ancestor