Run Lola Run Analysis Essay

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As the film ‘Run Lola Run’ has a multiform narrative structure, it is separated into three sections in which Lola is able to repeat her journey from the beginning. The repetition of the run in which we see the same scene three times is an example of how Lola's journey is similar to the likes of a video game. This works to emphasise the fact that her life can just be rewinded and restarted just like video games. Even though, in real life we cannot travel back it time, the repetition of the run sequence shows mistakes are fixed by going back to the root of the problem. Throughout the movie, the background music is similar to the music that is heard in fast-paced, action based video games, the music is fast paced and creates suspense, which …show more content…
During the third run sequence, where Lola is running with her eyes closed, she is halted as she almost gets hit by a truck, through sheer luck, the driver stops which causes her to stop her senseless panic and think about the situation which then allows her to think of a way to get the money for Manni. The contrast of the large truck next to Lola is used to show how close she came to getting destroyed by this vehicle. This works to emphasise how luck was able to give her the chance to live and also save the life of Manni. This is similar to the occurrences in certain peoples life as there is sometimes no explanation for events such as near death experiences in which people are only able to refer to it as chance. Another technique used is a long-distance shot of Lola in front of the truck with the casino in the background. The casino presents her a great opportunity to find the solution needed to conclude her journey in finding the needed funds. This is used to show how chance is not only bad, but good since it may present beneficial opportunities for a person in their future. The notion of chance and luck is found through the scene in which Lola (who has never gambled in her life) spends the last of her money on a game of roulette, by unbelievable luck she was able to win the game twice, providing her with more money than was needed. The movie portrays that Lola's life after the sequence was dependant on the slight chance that she had won