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Method of assessment
1 Observed by YOUR assessor [ ]
2 Observed by another assessor [ ] Evidence Item No:
2 Seen by witness [ ]
3. Seen by expert witness [ ]
4. Reflective account/candidate explanation [ ] Unit no/s:
5. Other (state what)

Candidate name: MATTHEW HARDCASTLE Date of activity: 29/12/14
If this evidence directly involves people receiving support, e.g. candidate observation, please record here how prior consent was obtained and from whom..

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Recognition and indicators of adult abuse
In many cases that multi-disciplinary assessments are by recording and observation in either written or electronic data (eg cctv, or typed statements,) and made of aware past history records of either victim or abuser, as this does not mean the individual’s past records is still the abuser or victim had replayed the past so it’s best to identify physical, mental or behavioural indicators that suggest physical or mental illness, or some other issue, rather than mistreatment or abuse. This also could indicate that abuse and/or criminal offences are taking place, and that the police should be informed.
Some adults at risk may reveal abuse themselves by talking about or drawing attention to physical signs, or – where verbal communication is limited or absent – displaying certain actions or gestures. Practitioners and carers need to be aware of these signs and understand what they may mean. The lists of possible indicators and examples of behaviour are not exhaustive. so there are different types of abuse surrounding each individual ongoing everyday activities

Physical abuse
Sexual abuse
Psychological or emotional abuse
Financial or material abuse
Neglect and acts of omission
Discriminatory abuse
Institutional abuse

Physical abuse is caused by an act of a person involving contact of another person(s) intended to cause feelings of physical pain, injury, or other physical suffering or bodily harm which most cases, children are the victims of physical abuse, but adults can also be victims, such as in a domestic context. Alternative terms sometimes used include physical assault or physical, and may also include sexual abuse. Physical abuse may involve more than one abuser and more than one victim so abusive can be either by human/animal or solid/chemical substances inflated eg causes by either hitting, slapping, pushing or kicking, forcing people to eat or take medication, leaving people to sit in urine or faeces. And anything that’s physical that’s causes pain/harm inside or outside of the person’s’ body as it could be now and then or continuing behavior(s) situation which had observed over period of time or at point of time at altering without the abuser being aware of observation
Possible indicators
• Injuries are inconsistent with the account of how they happened
• No explanation of how injuries happened
• Injuries are inconsistent with the lifestyle of the adult at risk
• Multiple bruising and/or welts on the face, lips, mouth, torso, arms, back, buttocks and thighs
• Cluster(s) of injuries
• Marks on the body including slap marks and finger marks
• A history of unexplained falls/minor injuries
• Injuries at different stages of healing
• Burns