Safety: New York City and Personal Freedom Essay example

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Personal freedom or safety and order ? The Bill Of Rights was created to make sure that the government would not become too powerful, and deny people their rights. However Americans had to give up some of their individual rights in exchange of security and safety. i agree that they should give up some rights to be safe. I mean its your life or rights.
According to document 2 by CNN there was a coordinated bomb attack on London’s City Subway system and a double-decker bus “all within an hour at the height of morning rush hour.” To be safe US authorities boosted security in major American cities, especially those with passenger rail systems.
On July 21, 2005 according to Document 3 by the NY Times police started checking the bags of New York City’s Subway riders to make sure they don't bring explosives to the subway. And if a passenger refuses the passenger “.. will be aloud to leave, but will not be permitted into the subway.” “ However, random police searches of people without any suspicion of wrongdoing are contrary to our most basic constitutional values. This is a very troubling announcement” this was the concern of associate New York Civil Liberties Union. Checking bags might be contrary to our most basic constitutional values, meaning some may say you're violating the freedom. but when a bomb blows up and lots of people die there going to wonder why authorities didn't do anything after the first bombing in London. This is why i believe in safety and