Essay Against Gun Control Laws

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The rise for more strict and aggressive gun control laws has almost become an epidemic in the United States. Our given rights as citizens of the United States of America are being challenged. I believe that agreeing to stricter gun control laws we are losing our personal liberties and giving the government more control over the people. This paper will support my opposition of gun control laws and why I am against these laws and the ongoing debate of strengthening them.
Today guns are looked at only as an instrument of murder with all the media coverage on gun violence and the amount of shootings happening country and worldwide. For the most part these guns are obtained and used illegally. So the debate about making guns harder to legally
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This cut back sales by not selling to individuals that did not meet the requirements the government decided you needed to own a firearm. Eventually the Firearms Owners’ Protection Act of 1986 would come along and reduce the amount of gun control the legislation had over the country. Eventually the Brady act was passed and gave significant gun control back to the legislature.
Although it is our right to bear arms, in some cases, some people are restricted to bear arms and this is justifiable. The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act restricts certain types of people such as convicted criminals imprisoned for over a year, fugitives, drug addicts, mentally disabled people, illegal immigrants and so on. Since the creation of this act in November of 1993, there have been over 100 million background checks on behalf of it. State gun laws vary state to state, some a lot more then others. For example, 12 states do not allow employers to prohibit employees from holding a firearm in their personal vehicle on company property while the other 38 states allow employers to prohibit this. This is just one small example of how state gun laws vary between the states. Some states can either prohibit or allow a person to openly carry a firearm in public. This regards the “open carry”