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The Salem witch trials were merely one violent tempest in a series of fierce community storms that date back before the 1660s. Salem witchcraft trial basically is the result of supernatural anxiety, suppression of dissent, and weak legal / judicial system. People had strong belief that Satan is acting in the world, and Satan recruits witches to work for him. People believed a person afflicted by witchcraft exhibits certain symptoms when they were just symptoms from mental or physical disease. People lived in Salem were Puritans, which means they viewed their community not just as a group of individuals, but as a single entity united under God. In such a cohesive organism, any part that "malfunctions" or strays from the norm, such as in the case of witchcraft, must be hunted down and destroyed. The judicial system used during the Trials was rather simple and made up. First, someone would make an accusation about someone that he or she believed to be a witch to the Magistrate. Complaints were often made through someone else to pass the notice onto the Magistrate. Next, a warrant of arrest would be issued, the victim would be taken into examination, and then if Magistrate feels that he or she is guilty, they would send the victim to jail and make them stand trial. Evidence collection procedure was ridiculous and standard of guilty or not is totally vague.
When a lot people believe that it’s hard to understanding what the citizens of Massachusetts were thinking and we have a