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What is
When I tell my friends that I do consulting and training for CRM and its platform, their heads reel about 720 degrees and come to halt like a rolling spring stopped abruptly; the very next thing they want to know is what is is a software-as-a-service company, that is now also offering platform-as-a-service. Salesforce is a pioneer in providing a high quality on-demand CRM software(referred to as “The Sales cloud” by salesforce). They have diversified into customer service and support on-demand offerings as well (referred to as “The service cloud” by salesforce).
Salesforce is a classic manifestation of two(SaaS and PaaS) out of the three major components of cloud computing. (For more please refer to my earlier post What is Cloud computing?). Following is a list of products and services offered by
1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – Their CRM is best in class in the on-demand category. With highly robust features and ease to customize, its one of the most adaptable CRM software in the market.

2 Platform – This is the platform-as-a-service offering of salesforce. For more details on platform please refer to my post ‘ all platform no force’

3 Chatter – Think of chatter as a facebook for enterprise! It facilitates realtime collaboration at workplace bringing people, data, and content together in a secure, and trusted network.

4 AppExchange - AppExchange is a directory of applications built for Salesforce by third-party developers, which users can…