Same-sex Marriage and Gay Couples Essay

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June 29, 2015 Newspaper Article #1
Title: Supreme Court has spoken Date of Article June 29, 2015
Source: Los Angeles Times Related Microsystems: Macrosystems

SUMMARY OF THE ARTICLE It is now legal in every state in the United States for people with the same sex to get a marriage license. There are still many states in the U.S who wish this law did not pass. The real question is since the law passed can anyone get their marriage license when the couple is of the same sex? The answer is yes. Unfortunately, there is much delay. The reason is because many states are refusing this law and try to avoid this law to come into action at all costs. States such as, Louisiana, are waiting for the Supreme Court to give the official announcement that the law is in full effect. The state of Mississippi has already given three licenses to same sex couples. Right now Mississippi is at a complete halt and is waiting for the law to be at full effect. Utah maybe accompanying this battle as well. Utah reportedly will stop giving marriage licenses to anyone. The article refers to the Brown vs. the Board of Education which happened in 1954. When the Supreme Court passed the law the majority of the Southern states took their time for it to become in full effect. Even though the law passes for same sex couples to get married in the United States they may not be able to hold their ceremony anywhere. For instance, in many churches it will not be allowed. Leaders, fathers, people within the community may not allow it. Can people decline same sex couples their license? The first Amendment states that citizens have religious freedom. Thus, county clerks have the right to deny marriage licenses. Do businesses have the right to deny same sex couples? No, it is against the law to deny a person based of their sexual orientation.

Your Reaction to Article (Reflections) I believe that this issue will disappear slowly with time. These states will have to comply with the Supreme Court’s decision. Since the law just passed it will take its course of much rebuttal. But over time this problem will diminish. I personally think that the states that are holding same sex marriage licenses are wasting their time. Since the law has been already passed they will have to follow suit sooner or later. I do not agree with these states withholding these licenses. I consider this to be unfair because the United States was promised this law. Now people who disagree within these states are somewhat taking this promise back and making it hard for same sex couples to get there license. The couples who want to get married and cannot do not deserve this. They are people just like any of us who live like everyone. People do not see it this way they believe it’s wrong and therefore, they are trying in every way possible to make it impossible. History has repeated itself once again since the Brown vs. Board of Education had passed for non-racial segregated schools it was complicated. To reverse this law it took a longer time for the Southern states. The reason is because people living in these states did not want this to happen. Now it is the norm. There is still racism and will always be, but we are fortunate that it has decreased over time. This relates to same sex marriages. Many people are against it but over time we can only hope that this will decrease. I believe that over time this will be another norm.

Ecological Systems Theory I have identified this topic with Macrosystems. Macrosystems contains society with an aging person, with a certain lifestyle, ways of interaction with others, with a particular religious belief. The developing person is affected by their peers, elders, teachers, parents, neighbors, church members, and etc. For instance, this could be an African American fifth grader who is Christian whose best friend parents are of the same sex. This child could be possibly affected by this in many ways