Gay Marriage Outline

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I. introduction
Thesis:Gay marriage has been a recent source of conflict for many people world wide. 1.The debate over sex marriage has been a big issue in our society for many years, whether or not gay marriage should be legalized.
2. Those people who get involved in this debate are mainly the religious community and the gay community .
B.Countries such as UK and America started approving of gay marriage in 2000.
1.Homosexuals have been fighting for gay marriage to be legalized for many years.
2.People that are against gay marriage being legalized feel that if it was legalized the importance of marriage will fade away and most people will refer to gay marriage. II. Body paragraph
A.Arguments against gay marriage involve religious beliefs most of the time. 1.Those people who are against it argue that same-sex marriage is immoral,is going against the bible, and reproduction of children. 2.There is no marriage requirement but it all started with a man and women and not women and women or man and man married.
B.Same-sex couples shouldn't be parents because if they raise children it will most likely become homosexual.

III. Body paragraph A.Many of those who go against same-sex marriage have beliefs about family. 1.They argue about how children should grow up the right way,with a mom and dad. 2.if children are raised by a homosexual household it is the wrong way to be raised. B.Studies have been found that if children are raised by homosexual parents they are later in life going to tell their kid about opposite-sex. 1.Children need a mother and a father not same sex couples raising children. 2. if children are adopted same-sex couples,once they are older they will want to find their biological parents.
IV. Body paragraph A.Marriage between two people should be on love and not their race,religion, or their sexual belief. 1.same-sex couples should be treat the