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No one likes it when things go wrong. We try to avoid any problems, but when they do come around we try to find the fastest way out. We cheat on tejrgv bsdfhj hvjsts if we haven’t studied due to laziness, we go shopping to fix a bad break­up, or we buy new jeans when they rip instead of fixing them ourselves. Taking the easy way out to avoid stress and have control over our lives is something our society does on a daily basis. There are times, however, when the easy way out isn’t always the best solution. One of the most common ways in which we, as a society, face our problems is through drugs and alcohol. Slater, from
Want­Creation Fuels Americans’
Addictiveness, considers drugs and alcohol to act as a “quick fix” for one’s own problems. Each substance has different side effects when it enters our body. When everything is going wrong for an individual, they may feel that by injecting drugs or alcohol into their system is a way for them to have control over their lives. This is displayed through Rex, in
The Glass Castle.
Rex abuses alcohol as a means of physical therapy. Because he drinks alcohol daily, his addiction gets in the way of his parenting. He has missed his children grow up into young adults and he even realizes this mistake. There are other ways we can feel in control as well, such as through eating, cleaning, and power. As for myself, I turn to music when things in life start going downhill. It becomes a relaxing environment and a non­threatening “quick­fix”. Why is it that we turn to such “quick­fixes”?
According to Slater in
One World Many Cultures, a “quick­fix” is considered to be when we want “immediate solutions. We want the pain to stop, the dull mood to pass, the problem to go away. The quicker the action, the better we like it” (Slater 470). One of the most harmful and quickest ways in which we turn to solve our problems is through drugs and alcohol. Addicts,

who abuse these substances daily, do so because it is what helps them control their bodies, emotions, and daily hassles. Each drug provides different side effect which allow the individual to get the effect they want to feel. Drugs and alcohol is only one way to a “quick­fix”. Others may turn to shopping, food, or pass new laws as solutions. We avoid all the negative side effects
“in which change is produced instantaneously and there is always a happy ending” (Slater 470).
These “quick­fixes” are solutions to find escape reality and find happiness.
Although addicts turn to these substances as a mean to gain control, these harmful substances are also injected as a means to numb our problems away. As Slater suggests, “life in modern society is admittedly harsh and confusing considering the pace for which our bodies were designed” (Slater 471). Every once in a while when things get bad in our lives, we turn to find the quickest way out. We cannot accept the fact that life can be hard at times. This is when drugs and alcohol, some of the closest “quick­fixes” in our presence, reveal an escape to be free.
It relaxes our souls so that everything wrong in your day is no longer wrong, but right. So, it turns out that we, as a society, can no longer be on a “natural high on life” but must turn to such harmful substances to find happiness in the lives we live in.
Sometimes when we turn to these harmful substances, a negative outcome results. Rex, in
The Glass Castle, is one of many individuals who must consume alcohol in order to satisfy their body’s needs. He allows alcohol to run through him day in and day out which ruins his relationship with his family. He has missed out on so much of their lives due to his alcohol consumption. When it was Jeanette’s tenth birthday, her Dad wanted to give her something special. The only thing she asked of him was to stop drinking. He spent a good half a year of misery trying to recover from his drinking addiction. However, being sober did not last