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1.Write a letter :Want to change courses
Dear professor Moss:

I am Sandy Lee, an undergraduate student of the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. At the beginning of this semester, I registered one of your courses, African Literature and Culture. It is a two-hour course held on every Thursday afternoon. Yesterday, I received a notice from my department that a major course, Computer Principle, would be changed to Thursday afternoon. This major course conspicuously influences my credits and it is every important to me. Unfortunately, I can not study your course this semester.

Because of your reputation and my enthusiasm in literature, I hope I could study this course in next semester. I also heard that another course of yours, China Literature, is held every Friday afternoon. If the registration of this course hasn't closed yet, I will be so glad to participate in your class.

Sorry to bother you, your help will be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely yours,
Sandy Lee

2. Use the money of taxes to maintain roads. Improve the transportation

To construct and maintain roads is a public service administered by the government. However, where does the money come from? Somebody believe that the government should allocate money from national finance on the road construction; but others think that the roads are constructed for people, so every tax-payer has the responsibility for constructing and maintaining the roads. It is so called what is taken from the people is used in the interests of the people.

To the first opinion, since government is the administrative organ, it has responsibility to do overall plan on those public services of city construction, including constructing the road. They think that the government should do plan and allocate every penny on all things concerning peoples life.

However in reality, the government cannot do all specific plans and money allocations on every detail concerning the society running. It only has the right of macro-adjustment and control. To be specific on the road construction, many people believe that based on the principle above, since the road is constructed for the convenience of people themselves, every tax-payer has duty to devote a little on the road construction, which is not only for the city overall plan, but also for their own use fundamentally. Once the constructions finish, the roads will be wider and longer, the facilities along the roads will be better in use, by then people could further improve their working efficiency, etc..

As I know, the second opinion is more reasonable and feasible, because it has two advantages: Firstly, the government could reduce heavy burdens, simplify and make clear the usage of money; Secondly, tax-payers are clear about the usage of money they turn over, thus improve the transparency. Therefore, it is a good measure for both sides to allocate money from the tax paid by people on the road construction.

3. as a employee, some suggestions for the development of hotel.

Dear General Manager,

As a staff of Sales Department, I'm very glad to see the rapid development of our hotel. With the coming of New Year, I am writing to you to present my suggestion on the further improvement of our hotel to establish a website of our own to attract more clients.

Firstly, with the development of Internet, more and more people are willing to go to the outside world through the information on Internet. Thus if we could establish our own website and introduce ourselves on it, more friends, especially foreign friends, could know our latest promotion at home whenever they want. Secondly, according to the statistics of World Hotel Association, 33% of clients made hotel reservation through the Internet last year. And the proportion will largely increase in year 2000. Thus if we could introduce reservation system on our homepage, clients could contact us and make reservation directly. Finally, hotel promotion on Internet could reduce our