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SAMPLE Case Study EDU 610
Case Study Student: Ana
Gender: Female
Grade: 2th
Age: 7
English Language Learner
Name was changed to protect student’s identity

Student background information My fieldwork took place in Earlimart, California. Earlimart is a small town about seven miles north of Delano. The school which I was at was a K-2 school. There were about 12 classes for each grade level which I though was very interesting because I had never seen a school ran this way, it was neat to see. I was placed in Mr. R second grade class. His class was made up of twenty Hispanics students’ twelve boys and eight girls. This is where I was introduced to seven year old Ana. Her teacher Mr. R informed that Ana’s family moved to the United States from Mexico when Ana was five years old at that time she was a kindergartner. Mr. R informed me that he had this same class last year for 1st grade with the exception of a couple of students. He was moved this year to second grade so he was able to keep his same students which I thought was great since he already knows the students levels, strengths and weaknesses, who better to assist them than someone that already knows the students needs. This move has allowed him to see how each student is progressing. He went on saying that Ana has come a long way and has seen just great improvement in her speaking skill since last year. Mr. R said that he believed that Ana’s level of English development was three intermediate. He also informed me that she would be in tutoring in October 25, 2010. He also said that she was in an after school program called choices she goes there everyday afterschool and they help her with homework. Parents pick up when they get out of work sometimes she could be there until six o’clock. I felt bad for her because I knew that school days were very long for her.
Anecdotal notes
1. Date: October 1, 2010 Duration: 3 hours Test: Yopp-singer This was the first time I met Ana, Mr. R introduced us. He explained to Ana that I would be working with her and helping any student that needed help. On this day before lunch we sat by the library corner. I told her a little about me to help her to relax because I knew that she was a bit nervous. I wanted her feel comfortable around me and not afraid. I smiled at her and told her that I was a bit nervous too, because it was my first day there and I didn’t know anyone but I knew that it was going to be ok because I was going to meet new people, which is always fun. When she was a more relaxed I asked her simple questions that would help me to get to know her better. She listened attentively while I spoke and She was able to carryout dialogue with me she had some errors but overall she did very well. I realized that her speaking and listening skills were better than I had expected. After lunch, I administered the Yopp-singer test. Once again I reassured her that this test was not going to affect any in her class grade. I was very surprised with the results. She did very well, I was proud of her and I let her know that.
2. Date: October 8, 2010 Duration: 2 hours Test: ELL Quick On this day, when I arrived students were doing reading groups and centers. Ana group was on the carpet activity moving to the desk activity center, she had to choose either a word search, trace and write letters and sentences or read a book and complete a story map. She picked the story map; she walked over to the library and picked out a book titled Hooray for polka Dots! I noticed that the book was a level one book. I asked her if I could sit and listen to the story, she smiled and nodded yes. She read the title and continued to read, she pointed to the words as she read as she came to a word that she didn’t know she hesitated and stared at the picture. I asked her to try to pronounce the word if she was having a hard time I would assist her. She did very well. However,