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Langdon Park Kidz Shop is a specially designed Kidz Shop aimed at all those youngsters that find it difficult to find suitable & affordable sports clothing.

The shop also contains sports souvenirs that are suitable for people of every age and not only are all the products affordable, they are of great quality.

The shop is located in its home, Langdon Park School, which is found in Byron Street in Poplar.

LPT Kidz Shop, like every other shop, keeps a record of all ongoing developments. For example, all customer details are all recorded as well as the number of visits etc. However, this is all done in an old fashioned, manual style. All records and details are recorded on books and paper which has many dilemmas following with it.

The aim of this job is to be able to convert the old fashioned, manual style of keeping track of all situations happening in the shop into an automated computerized system to avoid any issues such as losing books and information and to make it easier to keep track of everything happening in the shop!

As the IT consultant, I will be interviewing some of the shop staff to research on all the issues that they are facing at this current time. I will be trying to find out what they think would be appropriate solutions and what they think would be the easiest way to use the new system.


The current ICT system being used in the Kidz shop is not like any ordinary shop. All data is recorded on 2 books, not on an automated computer system. All the names, addresses and towns are stored on one book and the other book contains telephone numbers, amount spent and number of visits to the shop. This is not exactly the easiest system to use but it is the only system that the shop has in place.


All data is recorded on books which are not only unreliable but are also very difficult and tedious to keep track of. Every time a new shopper registers, the time taken to do it is twice as long as it would take on an automatic system. Having information stored on two different books causes heaps of problems as every time you need to search for some sort of information; both books need to be searched to find the specific information. When complaints come in and when customers need to be contacted, it takes an endless amount of time to either process the complaint or find the contact details to contact the customer. Also, to calculate how many times a customer has visited the shop is also very tiresome and long as every time you receive the information, you need to collect the information manually.


I propose to put in a whole new automated system to help the LPT Kidz shop improve their system and help them shorten their tedious work. The whole foundation will be set up in Microsoft access on an onscreen customer detail information sheet. It consists of two tables; table number 1 will have all customer names, addresses and towns. The second table will consist of all telephone numbers, amount spent and number of visits to the shop.


As the system consists of two tables, it can be used to carryout various repetitive tasks efficiently. These tasks can be done for individual tables or both the tables as a group to gather the required information.
Using the Microsoft Access software, reports, queries, address labels, tables and many more functions can be created. This will be extra useful because all these functions are used in the shop one way or another so when the transfer of information happens between the books and the computer system, the information will be easily stored and when the computer system is used to send out information and sort out complaints, it can be done more easily than ever before.


Langdon Park Kidz Shop is a specially designed Kidz Shop aimed at all those