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OL 125: Personal Development Plan – Final Project (Milestone Four)
Student Name: Student Date: June 25, 2015
Section 1: For the past several weeks, I have learned upon taking this course to complete my educational journey, is the right path for me to take. I have also learned that I am not only an eager student, but also a dedicated worker, and if I have goals that I want to reach I have the potential to attain them.
My output for doing this plan was for me to see a journey for myself that concerns my education. I know on a personal note there are things I would like to accomplish within the next year that determine how well I am able to accomplish the goals I have set.
I want to set realistic attainable goals that I can achieve. In this particular plan I need to set certain goals to not only lead me to where I need to be, but the path I need to take to reach them. I would like to be successful in my educational journey, so this plan is extremely important to me.
The results I received from the Humanmetics Jung Typology Test assessment was ISTJ. ISTJ are called Inspectors which mean they have a keen sense of right and wrong, especially in their area of interest and/or responsibility. “ISTJs are most at home with "just the facts, Ma'am." They seem to perform at highest efficiency when employing a step-by-step approach”. – Joe Butt
I am a very productive individual; however, I could do more to be push myself further. I sometime tend to become distracted doing certain activities because I don’t understand them, and begin to work on things that I like to do.
I have a moderate internal locus of control. I do agree that I control most of what happens to me in my life, but sometimes there are certain things in life that we have no sense of control over, and it will affect our lives either in a positive or negative light. I think for me I can control my behavior, but I can’t control the attitude or behavior of someone else because you can control a person’s own emotions or behavior.
In the burnout assessment I scored a 45 which means that I have a potential for burnout if several of my scores are high. I would have to agree because I do sometimes let certain things get to me which causes me to react in certain ways that people might not see me act. In our personal and professional lives we must develop plans that will allow us to handle certain situations, and how to achieve them.
Section 2:
Strengths (What do I do well?)
Weaknesses (Where can I make improvements?)
 I have good interpersonal skills that allow me to work and communicate either in a group or individually.
 I have a strong public speaking skill that allows me to interact with my audience and be involved with them.
 I have good analytical skills that allow me to make good judgements concerning my personal life.
 I have good communication skills that allow me to communicate effectively.
 I have little relevant work experience that causes me to not be a good candidate for certain positions.
 I sometimes suffer from procrastination that allows me not to complete things in a timely manner.
 I sometime have poor skills in dealing with certain types of conflicts that causes me stress.
 I have no college degree that is probably one of my worst weaknesses that I currently face.
Opportunities (What kinds of things could I be doing based on my strengths?)
Threats (Where could I be using my strengths and talents more productively?)
 Conquer new challenges that will allow me the opportunity to showcase my talents.
 Have been accepted to 3 colleges in my home state.
 I am very good at computers and with those skills I can help teach others the skills I know.
 I have strong organization skills that will allow me to help people organize their home or business.
 Not having a college degree and competing with others who have degrees and experience is one of the biggest threats I will have to face right now in my life.
 Not being able to find an internship that will allow