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Sample Exam Questions for INFS2848

Note this is only a sample.

Time Allowed: 2 hours

Please Note that this sample exam is for the purpose of allowing students the opportunity of developing skills and receiving feedback. The final examination in INFS2848 will not necessarily be in the same form or format as this sample exam. The scope of the final examination will be the totality of work covered in the semester.

Take this exam home, set aside 2 hours and try to test yourself under exam conditions. This will give you an indication on whether you have obtained appropriate knowledge about the course. •

Regardless of how long it takes you to do this sample exam, you must try to complete ALL of the questions. The answers will be discussed in lecture of Week 12.

This is the ONLY opportunity that you will have of being able to pre-test yourself before the final exam.

Sample Final Exam




The Project Manager can be seen to be in charge of risk management on the project but risk management is often seen as the responsibility of everyone involved in the project including project team members, sponsors, key business unit stakeholder and the like.
Answer the following questions:
a. Identify and describe three common techniques used in quantitative risk analysis. (3 marks)
b. Describe the information that you would expect to find in a ‘risk register’.

(5 marks)

c. Describe the four basic response strategies for negative risks

(4 marks)



Scope Creep is of considerable concern on many IT projects as it has the potential to lead to less than satisfactory project outcomes. Most IT project managers are keenly aware of the need to manage scope creep well and employ a range of techniques to this end.
Answer the following questions:
a. Describe what is meant by Scope Creep and explain how it can lead to unsatisfactory outcomes on an IT project.
(10 marks)
b. Describe two techniques that an IT project manager could use to minimise the likelihood of Scope Creep on their project. Use examples to illustrate how each of these techniques would work.
(10 marks)
c. Discuss whether software development projects are more susceptible to Scope Creep than other types of projects. Make sure you explain your reasoning.
(5 marks)

25 marks

Answer the following questions: