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Engineering You’re Hired
Submission and Assessment
For the Engineering You’re Hired week, as a group you are required to produce a proposed design in response to your brief, and a plan for a project to take that design to the “proof of concept stage”
This will be assessed in two ways:
Assessment Requirement
Proportion of the assessment
1 A written proposal
08:00 Friday 1st February 2013
2 A group presentation/pitch for the funding of your proposal
13:00 Friday 1st February 2013

The detailed breakdown of the assessment is shown in the assessment grid below with the word/figure limit for each section of the written proposal also given.
Some technical detail about the written submission

Each group will be required to submit the written proposal in MOLE, using the template that can be downloaded from the MOLE site. Please take the template and add your text and images into the boxes provided. The text should be in Arial format, with a font size of 11.

Please note the following requirements for this document:
One file only can be submitted. Any figures/diagrams/photos need to be embedded within this one file.
The file format should be either MS Word (.doc or .docx) or Portable Document Format (.pdf).
The file size must be < 20MB. Please note that if you have images in your document, then these could be large files and you may need to reduce the file size of the images prior to embedding them if you find your overall document is too large. The following resources may help. “Understanding images”: a guide to file size and resolution:
A utility (downloadable) for reducing file size is available here:

Assessment grid

Technical Design [60%]

General description
Very Good/2i
1 Aim, Impact & Commercial Implications [max 200 words]
This section should state what your proposal aims1 to develop, the impact this will have on key stakeholders2 (e.g. the company, customers and society at large) and what is the route for commercialisation3 of your proposal and what are the competing technologies4.
Only use if section is blank.
Aims are not explicitly stated and have to be interpreted by the reader. There is little to no mention of the stakeholders involved or the wider impact of the proposal. There is no mention of commercialisation or competing technologies.
Aims, impact and key stakeholders mentioned but not discussed. The idea of commercialisation is identified but only a brief plan is included. Competing technologies are identified but not discussed.
The aims are clearly stated with the impact on those involved discussed. Separation of internal/external benefits may not be clear. Use of (or comparison with) competing technologies has been discussed however full impact may not be realised. Commercialisation pathway in place.

There are a number of very good aims included and a clear discussion of how this will impact the company, customers and society. A route for commercialisation is practical and well thought. A detailed discussion of how competing technologies will be utilised (or how they relate to the design) is included.
There is an excellent understanding of the proposal clearly demonstrated in encompassing aims. The stakeholder impact is discussed in depth and the commercialisation route is to a professional standard. The relationship to competing technologies is clearly stated plus a discussion of the impact this has on the design.
2 Outline description1 of ideas considered and justification2 of the proposal [max 200 words + 5 figs3]
Describe the outline ideas that you generated and your reasons for selecting your proposal.
Only use if section is blank.
Description of ideas is incoherent and difficult to follow. Very limited number of other ideas mentioned and no