Essay on Sandy: New York City and New Jersey Connecticut

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``hurricane sandy was not just any other hurricane , it was one of the most powerful hurricanes that NYC has experienced. . it was a strong hurricane that was dangerous not only to NY but to other states too such as North Carolina ,new jersey Connecticut , Pennsylvania and towards upper east side . Sandy was so dangerous , destroying a lot places, homes and people belongings. It was hard for people to go to work , no transportation , no gas, and etc. for New York it was surprising because New York never experience a hurricane like that and led to a lot of conflicts to New Yorkers as the ones I mentioned. I believe that the mta would use this excuse to raise the prices to the metro card because they lost a lot of money during the week of the hurricane, and this is not our fault that the hurricanes occur during that week and I feel like it's not fare we have to pay more money for a use of y just because of there lose money during hurricane sandy.

It wouldn't be surprising if the prices of the fare raised,the mta lost at least 10 million dollars for giving passengers free transpiration for two straight days , so imagine how much they didn't make duiring the days where there was no MtA transportation.Kevin Lynch who wrote an article "hurricane sandy is no excuse for new York subway prices hikes" saying that the " mta is looking for the 2013 hike to bring in $450 million a year and the 2015 hike to bring in $500 million. They didn't release specifics for how the tolls and fares would be increased"
So they are planning to increase the fare in the future with no reason , I believe after what happen with the hurricane sandy, try would use that excuse. Or maybe they are going to…