Sashi Case Study

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February 06, 2014
Sashi’s Case Study As a teacher, I am interested in the well-being of Sashi and I would like help her develop her skills as better as she would can. I would give Sashi the opportunity to enroll her in my classroom because every child is special and every child needs opportunities in their life to grow and development their skills as best they can regardless of their special needs. The first step to help Sashi with her developmental delays and her social/emotional skills, I will give her one to one attention the first weeks to get to know her better and build her confidence with me. That way, I would see what she enjoys and what kind of activities she is interesting, I can include activities like dancing and singing into her daily activities, and I will provide to her activities that include cutting, gluing paper, working with play dough, reading books, etc. Giving Sashi one to one attention, planning activities that will help her with her developmental skills, redirecting her through consistent routines would help her to learn about routines and the importance to follow directions. For Social/emotional: Dancing activities in group or parallel play with the water table or in the sand box will encourage her to build a good relationship with her classmates. When I talk with Sashi’s parents, I will ask them if they are have any type of help to help Sashi with her developmental delays, if not, I will talk to them about the IEP that the state