Satire Essay On Homosexuality

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Homosexuality I met my best friend four years ago and we clicked instantly. He became my rock and I always felt like the time I spent with him was cut short even if we spent the entire day together. We made each other laugh with our conversations; sometimes they were about topics with actual substance and other times they were about nothing at all. I was grateful for our banters even though at times I felt like he could not have been more wrong. When I brought up the case of homosexuality, it alarmed me that he was against it. He argued that it was not natural for two people of the same sex to be together. Physically, humans were made for the opposite sex. It takes a male and a female to make a child, not two males or two females. Gay couples are unsustainable for the human race because they cannot reproduce. The human body was never meant to be invaded by chemical and technological advances that could make it possible to have a baby between the same sexes. He also said that a marriage between two homosexuals would only lead to more exceptions in marriages, an idea that he holds very dear. Further corroborating his point, he mentions the bible, “each man should have his own wife, and each woman her own husband (1 Corinthians 7:1-0).” Never …show more content…
I do not understand why a straight couple with all the same qualities as a gay couple is socially accepted while the other is not. No one has the right to tell someone whom he or she is allowed to love and be with. Especially when love is a feeling that we human beings are unable to control. In no marriage does the person say they forced themselves to fall in love with their spouse. Discriminating against someone for something they cannot control is unfair, it is parallel to the prejudices shown to the African Americans in The United States history. Just as skin color is uncontrollable, so are