Saving Private Ryan and Past Great War Essay

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Saving Private Ryan
Matthew Williams 7th hour
Saving Private Ryan was made in 1998 that showed the story of Captain John Miller and his group that recently been in the attacking of Normandy. This takes place in the heart of WWII, the Allies and Axis powers which has been started due to the past Great War. What I mean is the
Treaty of Versailles basically crippled Germany and caused mass chaos and soon WWII, or one of the most destructive wars of all time.
The movie begins with a old man visiting a cemetery and soon collapsing in tears. Then a flashback occurs and Captain John Miller and his infantry are attacking and conquering the beach of Normandy, France and moving inland to push forward. As soon as this occurs we soon find out 4 Ryan brothers, 3 have been Killed in Action with this the army must save the last
Ryan Brother for the families well being. Informed Captain Millers group is put into a rescue mission in order to retrieve him. While setting out Captain Millers party is joined by a Corporal
Upham that has little fighting experience but speaks French and German fluently.
While setting out they are faced with obstacles and 2 members being killed, Private
Caparzo and Medic Wade. When Wade dies they keep a German hostage and beat him out of anger, and later plan to kill him. Upham makes friends with this German and some how saves his life from the group from killing him. From here they make there way to a crashed airplane with injured troop and learn the Private Ryan has departed from that group to join another to fight after they landed from a airdrop. While walking through a field they hear a vehicle and drop for cover. Its a German transportation truck full of soldiers, they ambush it and notice they have allies there as well, soon to find out one of those 3 soldiers is Private Ryan. He is informed his

brothers have been killed but refuses to leave that he has to stay and defend the bridge Captain
Miller and his group stay and help defend the bridge now will they hold the bridge and send
Ryan home safely?
First off they portray Normandy perfectly just the pure gore of it all. From exiting the boats and getting mauled down from German fire, to the carnage caused by mortar fire, flamethrowers, and soldiers drowning. Most of the soldiers ended up drowning from the weight on their backs they show this as they jump off the boats they instantly sink. Also the emotions of these soldiers, you see most of these soldiers are young which a lot were that also means they couldn't handle the chaos, carnage at that age causing them to be covered in fear. Another is how they have to send the last remaining brother home to his mother at this time it was mandatory for the last remaining to be sent home, this is active even today now if theres 3