Human Resources Issues Within The Atlanta Region Cost Club Store

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To: Prominent Pat, Human Resources Manager, Atlanta Region
From: John Q Student, Assistant Human Resources Manager, Atlanta Region
Date: 8/17/2013
Re: Five Human Resources Concerns Region-wide
Hello Ms. Pat, please accept this memo in response to your email regarding some recent human resources issues that have occurred within the Atlanta Region Cost Club stores.
Message I: Discharges at the Anderson Cost Club Store
The store in Anderson, being located in a right-to-work state, does not have to provide a rationale for the firing of the two employees. Stating that the firing was a downsizing, the General Manager needs to make sure to have documentation supporting the downsizing. The downsizing is legally
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Conciliation involves an attempt to reach agreement on a claim through discussion, without resorting to litigation. Communication is passed through the third party. This method is employed when the parties refuse to talk with each other in person. Communication is necessary to get both parties to recognize that finding common ground is possible (Bennett-Alexander & Hartman, 2007).
Mediation is when both parties want a resolution to the dispute, but cannot come together to a meaningful compromise. Both parties will present their position to the mediator who then processes a compromise eliminating weak positions and unreasonable demands. When the mediator completes their assessment a compromise is presented for both parties to sign (Bennett-Alexander & Hartman, 2007).
All of these methods utilize a third party or neutral party with to facilitate the process. All of these alternatives are typically less costly than litigation. All of the above methods are usually able to be processed faster than litigation. All of the above methods are less public than litigation. Using the above methods, both parties are able to retain some control over the resolution process, making a win-win possible. However, it should be said that arbitration is binding, whereas negotiation and mediation are not. Also, compromise is a key feature of these alternative