Life Story Short Story

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Life Story
Chapter 1 This is a story about a girl named Samantha Orth born on July 23, 1996 she is now 16 years old but I hope you like this story I’m about to tell. This is what happened won my first birthday when I had a My Little Pony party but I had a lot of fun but there was one person who was not there which was my father he and I was kind of mad with him for not coming and he didn’t bring me anything ether. I got presents from everyone in my family but I didn’t get a present from my father which I was kind of upset with him for that. In December 25, 1997 I went to my grandmother’s house for Christmas and all my family was there and I was really happy that I got to go there but the only person who I didn’t see like always was my father. On my second birthday I went to a baseball game with my family and my father was there to and I was really happy he had come with us and my father had caught me the baseball that the hitter had hit and that it was a home run ball to which I thought that was real fun. Then 5 months after my birthday I got raped by my father when I was only two and it had almost killed me and he said if I ever told anyone he would kill me and I was really scared so I didn’t tell my mother for almost 3 months scenes it happened to me. After I told her she rushed me to the hospital to make sure I was okay but the doctor said if it happened again I wouldn’t be able to have kids. But then my father had left because he knew I would tell my mother on what he had done to me. Then a few months later my mother meet my step father and I was really happy when I found out they were getting married and I was going to be in there wedding as the flower girl and I thought that was a real fun time because I got to feel like a princess on my mother’s wedding day. On my third birthday I got to have a shopping spree because it was my birthday and they did