Essay on School: Higher Education and Free Higher Learning

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Obtaining higher education is one of the key fundamentals to acquiring the potential for better career opportunities. Cost is one of the important factors when students are considering attending a college or university. Despite the controversy of how and who should be paying the cost of higher education, higher education should be funded by those who have the desire to further their education. If higher education was free, there would be increased taxes, the quality of education would decrease and the average time to complete a degree could potentially increase.
Tuition today is much higher than that of yesterday, however our country is in no condition to support free higher learning. According to the online resource Debt Clock, our current national debt exceeds “$16 Trillion”, with the current U.S. debt there would only be one way to make higher education free, and that is to increase federal taxes. Many households are already suffering from tax hikes and other increases in expenses due to the irresponsibility of our U.S. government’s use of Americans monies. The government already provides several tax reductions to aid in assisting with the costs of higher education. Student loans are also made available regardless of income to support the expenses and needs for students and families. The decision of continuing your education should not be funded by the American’s hard earned money. The individuals who have the desire to further their education should be responsible for the cost, as the government and states have provided resources for all individuals to attend a college or university.
When attending a college/university all students want their money’s worth. After all, paying for a higher education can be quiet costly. If there was a law passed to have free higher education, this could impact the quality of education significantly. The old fashion saying “we appreciate what we have to pay for” is still theory today. If tuition and school expenses are paid for this could provide lack of appreciation in those who are attending school. If school was free this