School Of Athens Essay

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“The School of Athens” was painted by Raphael in 1508. The painting is 18’ x 26’ and is in Stanza della Segnatura, Vatican, Rome. The Portrait depicts a room full of people and their seems to be two main men in the middle (Plato and Aristotle). We can infer these two figure are the most important because no one is overlapping them and they are in the center, depicted clearly. Raphael put such detail into this portrait to almost make it so any of these people could stand alone is the portrait, they all have so much detail. As you can see in the painting, there is a crowd of people they seem to be gathering around to the two primary figures in the front. The two primary figures in the middle are in complementary colors. Without the architectural background which …show more content…
The people in the crowd are being overlaid to get a 3- dimensional view of the rooms, most of the people seem to be in complementary colors to the person next to them.Many of the men are wearing bright colors many which are complementary to the others . The colors of the individual person makes everyone stand out on their own.The architectural background is almost one color which makes the crowd of people stand out against the analogous walls. .As you move further back into the painting the figure slowly begin to become smaller which is an example of aerial perspective. The shadows of the people can be seen on the ground mainly in the group of people in the front right of the portrait. The illusion depth is created by the atmospheric perspective Raphael used by slowly removal detail as the object become further away in the portrait, you can see this in the archways, as they get further away you can see their detailed carvings. The implied and descriptive lines of the architect gives the painting a realistic feel to it. Much of this portrait is dominated with organic lines in the lower half but as your eye line guess up the