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Annie Leibovitz 1. Research a basic biography of Annie Leibovitz. Include basic personal details, highlights, low lights and how photography fits into her life.
Leibovitz was born in October on the 2nd in 1949, in Waterbury, Connecticut. In the 1970’s she took a job at the Rolling Stone magazine, she also began working for Vanity Fair in 1983. In the late 80’s Leibovitz stated to work on high profile advertising campaigns and from the 1990’s to now she been publishing her own work. Some of the highlights in Leibovitz life was working with John Lennon, getting a very famous photo that will last forever, capturing it just before he died. Low lights of her photography years was making a mistake with her photo not doing the best job she could of and losing her family members and friends but being able to capture the last moments. 2. Discuss themes and subject matter she focuses on
The themes of Leibovitz work is usually people, she makes them feel as comfortable as she can and becomes their friend and gets the best portrait she can from them, that looks very natural and not forced. 3. What inspires her as an artist?
Leibovitz is inspired by travelling in the car look out the window was like look through a camera lens, her family also inspired her as some of the first photos she took would have been with or of her family. 4. Who has influenced her as a photographer?
Robert Frank and Henri Cartier-Bresson has influenced her as photographers. 5. Describes her work practices
Leibovitz makes the model feel comfortable before she takes the photos she sets up a huge display and takes a few great pictures, she sets her own lighting for the best possible shot she can get and take some amazing photos for magazines. 6. Describe her unique style?
Leibovitz has a unique style of capturing in portraits in such a way that you know it is her work she makes them different and captures different moments form the life’s of people soundings. She has captured the special unseen moments of bands and what they do on tour when there not performing, she has experienced life, with drugs alcohol and rock and roll living the dream back then. She makes every photo different and captures the unique moments of life.

The artwork to be analysed is Whoopi Goldberg, by Annie Leibovitz. Is a Dye-bleach print and was created in California, 1984.
Whoopi Goldenberg depicts a portrait of Whoopi Goldenberg who is an American comedienne, actress, singer-songwriter, political activist, author and talk show host. Whoopi is laying in a bath with her arms and legs in the air with a cheeky funny look on her face, in the bath is a white substance witch really makes Whoopi Goldenberg standout.
Leibovitz has created this work using contemporary materials and techniques. She has photographed this image of an entirely constructed scene, she has created the scene using a set with actors and props.
This image has been photographed inside using artificial light. The techniques that Leibovitz has used in this work include digital enhancements, large depth of field and frozen motion. Leibovitz has created this photo using a fast shutter in order to capture the photo the way she wanted.
In order to produce this work Leibovitz would have need to use the following material, colour film, a stage, possible an SLR 35mm camera or a SLR digital camera, she may have used a flash and would of needed a printer to print the image. Leibovitz has possible has