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Describe what a school and district needs to do in order to promote and enable improved reading and writing instruction. Support your descriptions by providing an example of a school where you have seen this implemented, along with evidence from the readings.
Schools need to promote routines of independent reading and writing, workshop time enables teachers to confer with individual students and take notes on their strengths and weaknesses. Good uses of summative and formative assessments and data collected, if you don’t look at the data how do you know if it is working? Create professional development opportunities so teachers know new strategies that might help in their classrooms.

Identify possible barriers that will prevent the successful implementation of the reading and writing instruction in a school. If you are currently teaching, include barriers you have personally experienced. If you are not currently teaching, identify potential barriers that you would expect to encounter.

Some of the barriers I have had as a teacher are time, not feeling comfortable with the strategy, or feeling like I am not doing something right. Time being that we have a ton on our plates to get done each school year. We needed a way to connect our readings to our writings. Now lessons are flowing more in sync instead of reading then stopping to teach writing.

Finally, share your opinion about what can be done to overcome these barriers during the implementation process.

Anytime you want to change the culture of a school one key is communication. Teachers especially do not like to think that they are being observed to find negative things about their teaching. Having professional development time to discuss and learn new strategies (key here is to practice the strategy) so teachers feel comfortable going back to their classrooms and use the strategy or