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Global Warming As life continues we will continue produce CO2, also the CO2 will accumulate. And the Earth will continue to heat up as a result of the additional CO2 trapping more heat. How do we plan to stop Global Warming from ourselves and who should we look to, to find out what to do? Each country has a form of government which we can contact, but the Earth is made of everyone. We all use the resources and we need to keep this planet alive for all the species of this planet. The planet on which every human being lives is dying and getting to the point of a new recreation of the planet. Each individual breathes, needs things for themselves and need water. These three things led to the forms of governments to help the people out. Now for food it takes lots of Co2 to ship it to certain places. Water takes time to ship, build places to retrieve water. The everyday being, is producing more Co2 then needed. We haven’t come with plans to solve enigma of saving Earth. Activities, entertainment, politics, and necessities are consuming are minds. This situation shall have to be addressed on a global level. Each government will have to find the smartest and brightest scientists, to help solve these problems. Then the steps to limit carbon production will be given to State authorities/government and then they pass it on to local government. The rules will have to be reinforced and the precautions to maintain the steps will have to be upheld. First step is to reduce carbon! If we replace all lights with led lights it can save 40% more electricity. If produced on a global level then this can start saving more electricity and we wouldn’t have to burn coal to make so much. Building a green skyscraper or green buildings will reduce more CO2, used to move materials. Green building could produce more electricity if they had solar panels. Planting bamboo will not make an immediate outcome, but it will capture carbon and the bamboo grows faster. The bamboo will make help the environment as well, and it a very good source to use to build materials. Removal of business clothing can stop more emissions, the air conditioner won’t have to be turned on and in one summer 79,000 tons of CO2 it saved that much carbon. Trading carbon for capital is a great way for companies to keep inside