Systems, Society and Sustainability Essay

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Systems, Society and Sustainability
The global challenge of sustainable development requires solutions and mindsets that bridge traditional divisions between nature and culture, and the technical and social sciences. Sustainable development requires that engineers and other professionals are able to include social and ecological considerations alongside technical and economic requirements in managing projects and infrastructure. This course outlines the challenges of sustainability, introduces some theories which can help think through these challenges more clearly, and applies them to the case of urban water systems.

1. Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this course you should be
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Attendance and Participation at seminars 10% of the grade is dedicated to attendance and participation in the seminars to ensure that the readings are understood and discussed clearly by all students.

Write a 2000 word essay on ONE (1) of the following topics: 1) How do ecological modernisation policies encourage or constrain sustainable engineering design? 2) How can engineers resolve conflicts between their obligation to meet client’s needs and their obligation to sustainable development? 3) What are the drivers and obstacles to retrofitting existing buildings to reduce resource consumption? 4) Discuss the statement ‘houses don’t use water, people do’ with reference to theories of technology and consumption. Your essay should provide appropriate references to course materials and other sources.

CIVLG018/M011: Systems, Society and Sustainability


5. Commitment
Systems, Society and Sustainability is a 15 credit point module, equivalent to 150 hours work, including class time, coursework preparation, reading and private study.

6. Teaching
This course is scheduled on Tuesday afternoons during term 1. The course includes lectures, student led seminars, a field trip