Essay on Scientific Method and Data Points

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Science Formal Lab Rubric
Lab Report Title ________________________________________ Period _______ Criteria | Evidence | Evaluation | | | 4 | 3 | 2 | 1 | Purpose & Question/Hypothesis | The question to be investigated is clearly identified, well stated and seems likely to be answerable via scientific methods. | | | | | Materials & Equipment | All equipment, materials, and quantities used (and mentioned in your procedure) are listed and accurately described. | | | | | Procedure | Procedures are accurately listed and clearly expressed in logical steps that could be followed by someone trying to duplicate this experiment. If appropriate: experimental conditions and variables are identified as: being part of control conditions (deliberately kept consistent), the controlled variable - sometimes referred to as the control (a specific, standard condition against which results will be compared), the manipulated variable (deliberately changed by you), or the responding variable (results that are in response to a change you made). | | | | | Observation/ Data | Qualitative and quantitative observations are recorded and presented accurately. As applicable: items are properly titled and labeled to indicate the variables measured and the units used. | | | | | Analysis: Calculations Graphs | All calculations should be included in this section. Graphs, charts, and/or diagrams are effectively used to “tell-the-story” that your experiment and data reveals. | | | | | Conclusion | Support or refute your hypothesis with specific data points (quantitative and/or qualitative). Use data