Essay Scooter and Suzuki

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The two thing I'm writing about are motorcycles and scooters. The three things im going to compare are there speed, engine size and style of driving. Motorcycles and scooters are so different in design that most people seem to think their one in the same. But the way you drive them and their size makes it difficult to decide on which to choose. Im going to compare a 1988 Suzuki GSXR 750 and a 2002 Sundoro 250cc motorscooter. The Suzuki will do well over 100mph but the Sundoro will top out at 55mph. The Suzuki for starters is a street super bike, I had headers installed and a jetter kit. A jetter kit is where they make the carburator jets bigger to reach higher speeds when needed. The size of the engine on my bike is a 750cc motor, it's not like a cruiser bike or the scooter im going to talk about later. The top speed for my bike could possibly be 210mph, due to all the aftermarket stuff I have on it. It's set to be a drag bike that I ride on the street leagally
, which is kinda crazy. The type of driving is so different from the motorscooter, you really need to turn with the bike, in turns or else it could get away from you real quick. The Suzuki is real fun to drive and quick when you really need to get out of the way, thats one reason I purchased the bike. The Sundoro 250cc motorscooter, for starters its a lot smaller in size than the Suzuki as you can tell. The engine is small enough for a scooter but not big enough for the real motorcycles that I drive now. Its a pretty quick little scooter but it tops out at 55mph, and thats with an average size guy riding it. It's easier to ride because you