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[Margaret stands around dead bodies with a bottle of alcohol, looking distraught]

MARGARET: ‘Death, all I see around me...Invading my thoughts, my feelings...My fault, a thousand apologies would not suffice for all I loved has left me…Left me only with this; Normally you hear the moral of the story at the end but I’m doing it my way. This is the beginning of the end and life has left me only with this moral. ‘Man does not weave the web of life he is merely a strand. Anything he does to the web he does to himself.’

Scene 1:
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[Starts with the four politicians gathered around a table, 3 arranged on one side, MARGARET on her own side]

MARGARET: So what exactly is your idea?

POLITICIAN 1: Well its rather simplistic actually, if I do say so myself.

POLITICIAN 1: [Boastful] Yes, I have made it rather easy to implement our idea upon the country. In practical terms the main gist of the idea is to simply eradicate the problem –

ROBIN: [Interruption] so…what exactly is that problem?

POLITICIAN 2: [Taunting] People, ahem, such as yourself. I mean you are the exact kind of ‘things’ we are trying to rid our society of.

ROBIN: Ma’am this is completely being blown out of proportion. Just give our people, your people the funds they need to grow their businesses. The citizens of your glorious empire!

MARGARET: Well my job demands the cooperation of my people, doesn’t mean I acquire funds from minority peasants such as yourself!

POLITICIAN 1 & 2: [Agreeable noises] Hear hear!

MARGARET: Look I do not have time for this…please state what you are planning to do swiftly and in simple terms!

POLITICIAN ONE: Ok, so we call in the doctor we have been in coordination with. His name is Professor Barnlock. He has worked for many years now on this…lets say project

POLITICIAN 2: [Smug] Yes, a project indeed! Involving a weapon of mass destruct-

POLITICIAN 1: [Interruption] -as I was saying, a weapon of mass destruction which is hardly recognizable…

ROBIN: [Outraged] Ma’am, this sounds completely absurd!

MARGARET: [Impatiently] Yes, yes….what is it?

POLITICIAN 1: Something so sophisticated it can wipe out complete denominations of society; A plague

MARGARET: You mean…an illness? Surely it’s a bit extreme for this situation

ROBIN: Precisely, this preposterous idea cannot be taken seriously! There will be no food! No supplies to provide the city with!

POLITICIAN 1: Primarily, it is about creating a false sense of security; provide them a house, clean water, fresh clothes!! And then slowly, but discreetly they will fall and we – [phone rings] Please excuse me

[Politician 1 leaves, enters as security guard, wearing a police hat]

POLITICIAN 2:- We have found it very efficient in our previous missions- all we require is a food product widely popular to the poor society that we can insert this deadly gene causing plague like, excruciating symptoms and then-

ROBIN: [Gets up to leave] I have had enough of these preposterous suggestions, if you won’t solve our problems, then we will. I don’t know how you expect to get away with any of it, what do you think the council will think..if