Sea Lion & Manatee Essay

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Waleed Farooq
Period 1 1/24/14

Manatees & Sea Lions Manatees’ death numbers have a lowered these past few years and are does not have a conservation status of critically endangered animal anymore based on the World Wildlife Fund. The Sea lion also has the same conservation status. But each of them have their own reasons why their environment.
One of the major reasons why these both animals are endangered are that humans have killed so much of this species. For a while these animals were hunted and killed for their resources. Even though laws have put against the killing of these animals people still do not care and try to follow these laws. Another similarity these two animals share is that both of these animals have wonderful conservation groups trying to save and increase their populations. Conservation groups for both of these animals are trying to educate the public, by opening more conservation centers. They are also trying to keep these animals in captivity. But keeping these animals in captivity is too expensive, so they try to save these animals in the wild as much as they can.

Differences The manatee is going through a rough spot during this time. Some organizations want to take the manatee of the Florida endangered species list. People are arguing that these past few years have been well for the manatee. If this succeeds laws towards speeding boats could be lowered in the state of Florida and more water developments could happen.